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Why am I not receiving notifications?

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If you enabled notifications in Watch Duty but are not receiving notifications, follow these instructions to make sure Watch Duty is allowed to send notifications.

Note: You will NOT receive notifications for:

Prescribed Burns  


For iOS:

  1. Open iOS Settings and select Notifications.
  2. Find Watch Duty.
  3. Make sure "Allow Notifications" is on.

For Android:

  1. Open Settings and select "Apps & Notifications".
  2. Select "See all apps".
  3. Scroll down, find Watch Duty, and tap it.
  4. Tap Notifications. Make sure notifications are enabled.

After you have confirmed notifications are enabled for Watch Duty:

  1. Open the Watch Duty app
  2. Click the Navigation button (3 bars)
  3. Select Notifications
  4. Confirm you are subscribed to the correct county.

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