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How do I enable or change notifications?

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In order to receive notifications, you need to have granted Watch Duty access to send push notifications.

NOTE: Notifications are only available through the Apple and Android apps.



  1. Open the Watch Duty app and press the three horizontal bars to the left of the Watch Duty Logo.
  2. Select Notifications from the main menu.
  3. Tap Add County, and select the counties you want to receive notifications for and then click the back button. You are currently only able to select up to 4 counties -- we will be expanding this soon.
  4. You can choose how many notifications you receive for each incident by selecting either All Notifications or First Notification.

All Notifications

You will receive a notification for a new incident and all subsequent updates for that incident. You can opt out of future updates for a specific incident by turning off notifications from the incident.

First Notification

You will receive only one notification at the start of an incident. You can opt into all future updates for an incident by enabling notifications from the incident.

To remove notifications for a county, tap All Notifications or First Notification next to the county you want to remove and select Turn Off Notifications. 


Note: You will not receive any notifications for Prescribed Burns, Silent Incidents, or any updates that are silent.

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