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Why aren't there new updates on an incident?

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We release any and all vetted intelligence within minutes after we receive it.  This information comes from either incident command over the radio scanner or official posts from sheriffs, fire departments, USFS, etc.  There are many times, especially on an extended incident, where information goes dark and radio chatter becomes quiet.

We understand this can be frustrating because it’s frustrating for us too.  We have over a hundred volunteers spending their days constantly listening, communicating directly with officials, and still coming up blank. We would like you to join us in urging our local officials to release more information to help keep everyone informed and calm our nerves during these incredibly difficult times.

Finally, although we never take information directly from the public, if you see posts from officials like sheriffs or fire departments on social media that you think we should be sharing with Watch Duty users please feel free to send the link our way. 

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